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Tech Question & Answer

My dilemma is this, you buy a bike – it’s great – you’re a fairly competent rider – why are guys on lesser machines beating me down the trail?  Why are they not struggling against their bike like I am? As I get older I realize that it’s not the $2000 in mods to get…

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The Modern Fork

Forward thinking engineers are often tasked with the directive to combine job functions.  In a design, if the component can do several functions, it will reduce both weight of the vehicle, which is always a goal in the power sports industry, and, if successful, it should also reduce the cost of manufacture.  Whenever the cost…

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Fork Binding

We wanted to take a look at one of the biggest handling problem-causers we see day in and day out at the shop, at the track, or in the field.  At the shop, we get a pile of off-road KTMs come through our doors, and just about each one has the same issue, namely fork…

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