Offroad Motorcycle Parts


For more than 30 years, Ohlins has been the premium Motorcycle Suspension supplier the world over.  Offering Shocks, Forks, Fork Cartridges, Shock and Fork springs, steering dampers and fork piston kits for a wide range of offroad Motocross and Enduro bikes.

Ohlins Shocks

Ohlins offers their competition series Ohlins TTX (Twin Tube) Race Shocks for performance bikes, TTX44, TTX Flow  and TTX 30.  Also available is the Conventional STX 46 MX ‘through piston’ shocks for 85cc applications.

Ohlins Shock Springs

We stock Ohlins shock springs for the Conventional 46 series shocks in all different lengths.  We keep expansive inventory on the ‘older’ style Ohlins 1093 series of 2.25” ID springs, as well as the newer 21040 family of springs found on the Ohlins TTX shocks, which is a 2” ID spring, in various lengths and rates.  We also keep longer versions for both the MX shocks and the Adventure bikes that come stock with Ohlins shocks as their OEM Shock like the Ducati Multistrada.

Ohlins Fork Cartridges

For a massive improvement in damping control we offer the Ohlins TTX22 for the full sized MX bikes, and the STX22 for the 85ccers.  A large fitment guide allows us to offer these cartridges to drop into bikes from virtually every manufacturer.  Ordered by application with springs custom selected for your weight height and riding style.  Of course we can and will do the installation for you, custom setting the oil level for your application and guiding you on the spring rate for your weight.

Ohlins Fork Springs

We love Ohlins Fork Springs for your OEM forks and for all our performance cartridge forks.  Balancing the fork spring to the shock spring is imperative for maximum grip and performance, professionally chosen to match your weight.  We stock hundreds of Ohlins fork springs in various rates and lengths.  Ohlins fork springs are of the utmost highest quality, with the rate and part number etched on the end, they are finished smooth on the OD for quiet operation and the end coils are machined perfectly perpendiucular to the length so they don’t ‘kick out’ and rub on the inside of the fork tube for clean and quiet operation.  They are our most expensive fork spring, but worth it.

Ohlins Steering Dampers

Ohlins offers Ohlins Steering Dampers for hundreds of Offroad applications.  Separate Damping adjusters(DC) and Return to Centre (RTC) adjusters make it an amazing addition to your bike to drastically improve your confidence on your bike and your safety when operating at high speeds that keeps your front tire light.


Ktech has grown to be one of our largest suppliers for fork cartridges.  Offering a full line of performance shocks and fork products, they are proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom.  We won 4 consecutive CSBK Pro Championships and many, many races with their DDS fork cartridges without one revalve.  We ran them as valved from Ktech.  Beautiful product of the highest quality.

Ktech Shock Springs
For Ktech Shocks as well as OEM street bike applications, we stock many different rates, diameters and lengths of Ktech Shock Springs.
Ktech Fork Cartridges
We have won Many Canadian Races and Championships on Ktech Fork Cartridges here at Accelerated Technologies.  The Ktech ORDS (Off road Damping System) is a beautiful damping system available for many off road bikes.  All options are of the highest quality, come sprung for your weight, bike and riding style and can be professionally installed here at Accelerated Technologies.
Ktech Fork Springs
We stock Ktech Fork Springs for your OEM forks and for all the Ktech race cartridges.  OEM fork springs traditionally have a taper on one end to locate to the fork spring spacer while performance cartridges like the ORDS and the ORSS use a ‘straight’ spring in a more standard length than the OEM offerings.  We stock hundreds of Ktech springs in various rates and lengths. Like Ohlins, these springs are smooth finished, stand straight with quality end coil machining and have the rate engraved on the end.  Excellent quality fork springs, on par with Ohlins.
Ktech Air Fork Elimination kits
The ORSS (Off road Spring System) is available for the WP AER fork on the KTM and the Showa (SAFF / TAC) front forks fitted to the Honda, Kawasaki, KTM and Suzuki off road motorcycles.  The ORSS cartridge spring system was designed to put a spring in the leg of a terribly performing air spring fork leg.  All options are of the highest quality, come sprung for your weight, bike and riding style and can be professionally installed here at Accelerated Technologies.  Air forks have the tendancy of having too much pressure rise.  As an air spring compresses, the ‘rate’ rise is not linear, but very progressive.  This can make the fork soft in the top and very harsh in the bottom.  Adding air pressure to raise the ride height like preload makes it worse.  As the fork warms up the pressure rises as well.  Many, many riders finally give up and go back to a traditional, consistent, reliable spring.  The air fork was designed as a cost savings, not as a performance improvement. The lighter weight does not offset the negatives.  The next weight saving idea might be no piston in the cylinder… how does that sound?
Ktech Seals, Bushings shims, tools
K-Tech front fork oil seals are manufactured by NOK and are a direct replacement for the original equipment parts.  NOK are chosen as original equipment by all Japanese suspension manufacturers for their quality and durability.  All oil seals are supplied in pairs and available for most fitments.  K-Tech front fork and shock absorber tools are designed to help suspension technicians to improve efficiency in their workshops.  All tools are designed with the experience of over twenty years in the suspension industry to enable users to work effectively and safely.

Hyper Pro

Hyper Pro MX Shocks
Hyperpro offers a list of shocks for Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki, and Kawasaki with good fitment listings from 2005 to 2013.  Shocks are piggyback with full adjustability.  Expect body materials of higher quality and improved damping adjustability.
Hyper Pro Fork Springs
In both progressive and straight rate applications, Hyperpro fork springs are available to tune your weight accurately to your bike for a complete motorcycle upgrade.  Very high quality springs.
Hyper Pro Shock Springs
Again offering OEM and Race springs in Linear and Progressive rates, Hyperpro Shock Springs are custom selected for your MX bike, your weight, height and riding style.

Race Tech

Race Tech Gold Valves
Race Tech's award winning Gold Valve Kits for Forks and Shocks provide a personalized setup. Gold Valves have an improved flow design that dramatically reduces harshness while actually increasing bottoming resistance (as shown with data acquisition).  The Kits include Valving Charts and Valving Shims to allow a custom setup for a specific rider and conditions.
Race Tech Shock and Fork Springs
Race Tech says “The first step to great handling is selecting proper spring rates front and rear. With over 500 Hi-Performance Springs to choose from, Race Tech is almost guaranteed to have the spring you need. Through years of testing and manufacturing experience, Race Tech has developed a full line of Hi-Performance Springs using the finest materials and processes. RT Springs have the highest stiffness-to-mass ratio in the industry; making them extremely light weight for their particular rate. Want a custom shock spring color? ►Powder Coating is available!

Stadium Suspension

Like Elka Suspension, Stadium Suspension provides us with Excellent shocks made right here in Canada.  Able to respond with our requests quickly and efficiently, we are proud to work with Stadium Suspension to exceed your expectations.

Stadium Shock Springs
Offering thousands of custom and standard options, Stadium Shock Springs help us tune your bike to you.
Stadium Fork Springs
Offering thousands of custom and standard options, Stadium Fork Springs help us tune your bike to you.  Stadium is our go to when we can’t get special springs anywhere else.

Rekluse Clutch Systems

If you have even used a bike with a Rekluse clutch, then the benefits need no explanation, you are already sold.  If you haven’t… imagine a clutch system that disengages for you just as the engine rpm fall approaching idle.  Yes, the clutch disengages regardless of what gear you are in just above idle.  The benefits are huge.  In tricky terrain, the bike will never stall!  No need to be constantly trying to feather the clutch lever while negotiating a technical section with sketchy grip, just work the throttle and focus on where you are going and keeping momentum…  its almost cheating.  In faster sections, you can leave it in a higher gear and just ride it, the clutch will engage and disengage gently as it needs to, just ride it and forget it!  It is really a revolutionary change to the way you ride.

Clutch Baskets
Think of a clutch basket as the back-bone of your entire clutch system. Precision CNC machining combined with innovative world-class engineering allows Rekluse clutch baskets to safeguard your vital internal components, keeping you on the track or trail a lot longer. Finished with a super hard anodizing, they greatly reduce the notching that happens when clutch plates bang into the basket, and also permit much smoother engagement and disengagement as the plate tabs can slide in the basket much easier.
Radius CX and X Auto clutch
RadiusCX is the next evolution in clutch technology. This top of the line product brings together our latest innovations in one package. RadiusCX offers the most demanding riders a significant advancement in auto clutch performance. RadiusCX delivers next level durability, lever control, and more direct power transfer.

RadiusX delivers high performance at a great value, adding our TorqDrive® friction technology to our flagship automatic EXP disk, all within an OEM clutch footprint.

Core EXP 
The go to auto clutch for years, Core EXP benefits riders of all levels and disciplines. Designed to utilize OEM frictions and Core technology, Core EXP was a game changer in bringing stock lever feel to auto clutches.
Billet Clutch Cover
A Rekluse clutch cover is specifically engineered  to provide unparalleled durability and performance in a single, stylish component. Our covers are ready to ride whenever you are. They stand up against rocks, logs, boots, and whatever else you may encounter in your adventures.
Left Hand Brake kits
The perfect complement to a Rekluse auto clutch, the left hand rear brake kit allows riders to fully operate the rear brake using only their left hand. The rear foot pedal is still operational at any point in time.  This component does block the now unused clutch lever, but I have used it and it works awesome.

Tubliss Tire Systems

Gen 2 Tubliss tire systems

Another brilliant product that we proudly endorse here at Accelerated Technologies is the Tubliss Tire system.  This is a device that basically converts a tube-type rim into a tubeless rim with one major added benefit.  A small inner high-pressure core locks the bead of the tire to the rim while also sealing the spokes.  This Tubliss system allows you to run the main tire at unheard-of low pressures with massive improvements in grip.  I ran this system down to 6 psi front and 5 psi rear in this year’s Corduroy Enduro with zero problems and a huge grip on my CR500.  Later in the season, I found big traction improvements on our flat field track going down to 3 psi in the rear and 4 in the front.  You are not immune to a puncture flat, but if you do get one, you can still ride the bike and finish an event, the tire can’t come off the rim.  Amazing.  I won’t ride without one again.


Scotts Steering Dampers

Steering Stabilizers
A Scotts Steering Stabilizer is a compact, fully adjustable, hydraulic shock absorbing damper, that mounts to your steering head area right above your handlebar mount. It helps control the natural tendency of the “left to right” front end movements known as “head shake” on a motorcycle. By helping to stabilize the front end of your motorcycle, the rear of the motorcycle will track straighter allowing the rest of your suspension to work the way it was designed to. The result in stabilizing the front end means more precise steering also. In addition, the Scotts Steering Stabilizer eliminates that sudden "thrust-effect” of having the handlebars pulled from your hands after unknowingly hitting something unforeseen like rocks, tree roots, rain ruts and potholes. It also helps to minimize rider fatigue and the dreaded “arm-pump” situation that occurs while wrestling the front end of your bike, especially in rougher terrain. We have a huge fitment list for most bikes.  Dampers come with all hardware necessary for mounting.

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