Accelerated Technologies FOX Dual rate SKI shock kit (Yamaha and Arctic Cat with the FOX QS3 and QS3-R shocks (Body 42.6mm))


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For (2) ski shocks.  42.6mm body threads.  This ski spring kit lowers the initial front bumper ride height and flattens the A arm angle slightly to lower the CG of the front of the sled. This allows greater cornering speed safety before the point of body roll. This is accomplished by the softer ‘start’ rate of the dual spring package. Anti bottoming protection is then tuned by the selection of the Main spring rate that is STRONGER than stock. Kit includes a new Tender spring, plastic crossovers to go between the springs, and new Main springs.  You will use your OEM Fox spring clip on the bottom of the shock.

NOTE: This particular Fox installation must be done in house at Accelerated Technologies, as the lower eye needs to be removed from the shaft.  We can do it during a shock service at no additional charge, or, if shocks don’t happen to need to come apart, $20 per shock is our fee for the installation.  Fox chose to make the bottom eye larger than the body.

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Dimensions 40 × 20 × 10 cm

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