Accelerated Technologies Polaris Ski Dual Rate for Walker Evans models (18-19 XC and XCR) with the Walker Evans piggyback (Body OD 44.2mm)


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These Polaris models use a different motion ratio between the shock and the spindle and as such use a much softer OEM spring rate. Riders report the front suspension is comfortable and compliant on these models but lack left-right support when cornering and can be prone to inside ski lift and bottoming at an aggressive pace. With our dual rate spring package, we typically match the OEM starting spring rate, but provide a much stronger ‘end’ rate on the main spring for flatter cornering and enhanced control with greatly improved anti-bottoming. We use our premium kit on the Polaris which includes the similar tuner ring adjustable spring kit we use on the Ski Doo XRS shock package, but adapted to the smaller Walker Evans body. Ski Kit comes with 2 preload adapters, 2 Tender springs, 2 Main springs, 2 adjustable crossovers to go between the Tender and Main spring, and 2 bottom retainer adapters. We use your OEM bottom spring clips.

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Dimensions 40 × 20 × 10 cm

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