Accelerated Technologies Ski-Doo Gen 4 and Gen 5 Pro 40 (2018-2023) Dual rate Centre Spring kit


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For (1) Centre shocks.

Our Pro 40 centre shock dual rate kit has softer rates selected for improved comfort and better, flatter handling. Our crossover system alleviates the OEM design that often breaks the top tender spring due to the inefficient cross over system that just relies on coil bind to gain rate. Springs don’t like to coil bind, they break after too many cycles. Our system also is better for heavier riders as it continues to crossover even at advanced limiter strap settings.

Our dual rate spring kit is shorter than the stock kit to give you the room to maintain a zero preload setting even at advanced limiter strap settings.  Even with our much heavier-duty billet spring clip, our combination is almost 200 grams lighter than stock.  Our crossover can be installed short side up to keep the spring rate low, longer, for extreme flat handling, or tall side up for big bump protection from the mighty XRS.  This kit fits the Mach Z, the 18 – 24 Renegade XRS, MXZ XRS, Backcountry XRS, and Freeride, basically all models with the Pro 40 centre shock variant.

We highly recommend our adjustable limiter strap to compliment this spring kit.

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Dimensions 26 × 18 × 12 cm

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