Accelerated Technologies Ski-Doo X pkg Dual Rate SKI shock kit (HPG Plus aluminum body 36mm shock)


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For (2) ski shocks.  42.6mm body threads.  This Ski kit, like our XRS kit uses a dual rate spring system to fit on the OEM shocks to both lower ride height for improved cornering speed and safety AND provide enhanced big bump capability. Imagine a shock that is both more comfortable AND higher performing in the same package. This kit uses high quality Elka Tender and an Elka or Custom main spring combined with a custom crossover selected for 2 Stroke (shown on left) or 4 Stroke (springs on right) applications.  The OEM shock with it’s adjustable preload system can’t get below 10mm of preload which holds the sled up 20mm too high, rendering flat A arms impossible.  Our kit is length optimized to be able to hit zero preload and zero A arm angle for NASCAR flat handling.  We recommend the correct Torsion springs, adjustable limiter strap and the matching X pkg centre spring kit for maximum improvement.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 10 cm

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