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C&A Pro XPT Performance Trail Snowmobile Skis

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Designed for performance trail riding

The Xtreme Performance Trail or XPT is the perfect performance ski for newer sleds with lots of ski pressure. Mid center keels help alleviate darting, improve tracking and reduce carbide lift in sharp corners. There is also a raised tail on the back of the skis making reversing hassle-free.  This is the ideal ski for today’s modern machines when looking for increased control without causing a drastic increase in steering effort.


  • 6.25″ wide profile
  • 44″ length
  • .75″ center keel height
  • Mid center keels to alleviate darting and improve tracking
  • Adjustable, flexible tip
  • ISR approved handle
  • Total ski weight is 6.7 lbs (including handle)
  • Made from UHMW Poly for ultimate durability

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