SMART SHOX Dual rate SKI kit for the 22+ XRS


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The new Smart Shox XRS is very capable in the bumps, but it exhibits the same XRS handling trait of ski lift in corners and understeer on throttle from the apex out. Our new kit lowers the initial front ride height of the XRS to flatten the A arms and lower the roll centre. Bringing the engine down in relation to the spindles even a half inch is big, where our kit brings it down 2-3” depending on your centre shock spring set up and limiter strap position. If there isn’t a groomer or a corner for miles and you just want to pound moguls, NO PROBLEM, just add preload to the ski and centre shocks, and lengthen the limiter strap to lift it up for maximum high speed mogul crushing ground clearance, all done in seconds (with the quick adjustable limiter strap). We recommend use with our dual rate centre spring kit and adjustable limiter strap as well as highly recommend correct torsion springs.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 12 cm

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