Snowmobile Videos

Snowmobile Suspension Set up - Dual Rate Springs Explained

Dual rate ski and centre springs for the SkiDoo Gen 4 XRS

Independent review of our XRS dual rate spring kit

Snowmobile Suspension tuning – Torsion Spring Selection

Snowmobile Suspension tuning – Setting the rear sag by tape measure

Snowmobile Suspension – Setting the rear sag with the Motool Slacker

Snowmobiler TV - Shock tuning the Elka Packages in Haliburton Forest

2016 STV (Snowmobiler TV) Elka shock install (Part 2)

2016 STV (Snowmobiler TV) Elka shock install (Part 1)

2017 STV – Elka shocks Stage 2-5 explained

STV - Accelerated Technologies and our relationship with Elka

Snowmobiler TV - Tuning in the Haliburton Forest

STV - Accelerated Technologies - Tuning and the Skidoo Renegade 900 Turbo

STV - Accelerated Technologies - Elka shock install on a Yamaha Apex