Snowmobile Parts

Elka Suspension

Elka snowmobile shocks are tuned for recreational riders, sport enthusiasts and hard-core performance racers and riders.

Bergstrom Carbides

BergstromSkegs products are designed to let you run safer, longer, smarter… and save you money in the long run

Camso Tracks

Long recognized as the leader in off-road traction products, Camso offers dozens of track options in different lengths and lug heights tailored to your riding style.

C&A Pro Skis

The performance leader in quality skis, C&A Pro are available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue or white.

Dual Rate Spring Kits

Softer support in the top of the travel, lower ride height, better handling, better anti bottoming

Spring Guides And Products

Holds the torsion spring truer, improved preload, can build spring rate, softer bottoming, reduced skid wear.

Ski-Doo R Motion Torsion Springs

For riders over 140 pounds, R Motion skids 2012 and up, Renegade and MXZ, All engine sizes.

Ski-Doo R Motion X Torsion Springs

For riders over 140 pounds, 2020.5 and up. Mach1, Renegade and MXZ.

Adjustable Limiter Straps

The last piece of the tuning puzzle.  Adjust ski pressure, fine tune comfort, dial in handling, all in seconds with one tool.

Vespel Sliders

3-4x service life. Less rolling resistance, better fuel economy, peace of mind on a cold or dry trail.

Greaseable Suspension Parts

The accountants have taken our grease fittings!  Get them back.  Smooth suspension that won’t stick down.

BRP Products

Ice scratchers and HD Stabilizer Bar

Watch and learn from a pro

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Snowmobile suspension set up - Dual springs explained

Often when setting up a groomed or off-trail snowmobile's suspension and chassis, we will install dual rate ski and/or centre shock springs. Dual rate springs have a softer 'start' rate than stock but can go stronger than stock at a selected point in the shock travel. This ability allows us to provide a solution which is more comfortable and compliant than stock, and also more supportive for aggressive riding without bottoming. In essence we can provide a spring solution that doesn't move the 'window' towards performance or comfort, but makes the window larger! Rare indeed.

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Snowmobile suspension set up - Ski-Doo Gen 4 XRS handling package

The new Gen 4 Ski-Doo XRS' are the flagship, big bump mogul tamers. What does the average trail rider do who just wants flat, predictable cornering without losing the XRS capability? We engineered a spring package that combines a lower front ride height with a stronger spring 'end' rate to prevent bottoming. The XRS has longer ski shocks than all other BRP models and owners are challenged to get them to handle as flat as an X, TNT or Blizzard. We have a solution that removes any compromise.

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Snowmobile suspension tuning, torsion spring selection

We review the torsion springs we keep in stock for the BRP Product. We also have Yamaha/Arctic Cat options and Polaris upgraded springs as well.

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Snowmobile suspension tuning, setting the rear sag by tape measure

Discover how we measure the rear sag of a snowmobile using a good, old-fashioned tape measure.