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Elka Suspension

Elka Suspension

Long time world leaders in ATV racing suspension, Elka entered the Snowmobile Suspension market in earnest around the winter of 2010.  Elka now offers Elka Snowmobile shocks and Elka Snowmobile shock packages for recreational riders, sport enthusiasts and hard-core performance racers and riders.  All Elka shocks are built with the exact same materials and quality of manufacturing.  The only differences in the Elka ‘stages’ is purely the adjustability.  This way Accelerated Technologies can best match an Elka Snowmobile shock to your budget and expectations.  Yes, you can buy Elka Shocks directly from Elka, but from Accelerated Technologies, you are paying the same price and the shocks come with an added tuning guarantee that covers the spring rate and internal valving for a year from purchase.  Plus, our no-charge wealth of tuning experience and set up advice.  Of course, we can install the shocks for you at Accelerated Technologies to get the absolute best out of your purchase, click here to book an appointment.

Elka Snowmobile shocks Stage 2 
The Elka Stage 2 shock is the first step up when a significant improvement is desired over your stock OEM shocks.  Perhaps Elka Suspension’s most common Snowmobile shock, the Elka Stage 2 Snowmobile shock features an aluminum, externally threaded body (for unlimited preload options) that will support Elka’s single or dual spring rate strategy for rising rate performance.  The Elka Stage 2 shock has a rebound damping adjuster on the bottom of the shock that actually does a blend of compression and rebound when it is opened or closed.  This rebound clicker has a huge and quick effect on the overall damping when a change is required or desired.  Although the Elka Stage 2 can technically change rebound AND compression, you cannot get picky and separate the two.  With the Elka Stage 2, expect a massive improvement in comfort and performance.
Elka Snowmobile shocks Stage 3
The Elka Stage 3 shock is the next step up when a massive improvement is desired over your stock OEM shocks.  The Elka Stage 3 Snowmobile Shock is Elka’s most economical shock with an external piggyback reservoir.  The Stage 3 features an aluminum, externally threaded body (for unlimited preload options) that will support Elka’s dual spring rate strategy for rising rate performance.  The Elka Stage 3 shock features a compression damping adjuster up high on the top of the reservoir to quickly change the ride from ‘couch’ to ‘aggressive’ with a few turns of the 23-position clicker.  With the Elka Stage 3, you have moved up to an economical, ultra high-performance shock with a piggyback reservoir. Perhaps our most popular Ski shock!
Elka Snowmobile shocks Stage 4
The Elka Stage 4 shock is now a true ‘fully’ adjustable performance shock.  The Elka Stage 4 Snowmobile shock adds rebound damping to the already awesome Stage 3 Piggyback reservoir shock.  While the Stage 3 compression adjustable shock allows you to tailor the ride from smooth to firm, having the adjustable rebound damping of the Elka Stage 4 shock adds the ability to fine tune the shock for how fast you are going!  If moving slowly, having your rebound set slow keeps the vehicle in control over the bumps, but as you go faster, the need to get the ski back down quickly is desirable to keep the vehicle ride height up nice and high in preparation for the next bump.  The Elka Stage 4 features an aluminum, externally threaded body (for unlimited preload options) that will support Elka’s single or dual spring rate strategy for rising rate performance.  The Elka Stage 4 shock features a compression damping adjuster up high on the top of the reservoir to quickly change the ride from ‘couch’ to ‘aggressive’ with a few turns of the 23-position clicker, and the Stage 4 adds a 40 click position rebound adjuster to control the pitching of the sled.  With the Elka Stage 4, you have moved up to a true fully adjustable, piggyback reservoir, ultra high-performance shock.
Elka Snowmobile shocks Stage 5
The Elka Stage 5 is for the most demanding hard core rider or Racer.  The Stage 5 takes all the features and benefits of the Stage 4 and adds the High and Low speed compression adjuster to the package. When we talk about low and high speed in regards to damping, we are referring to shock shaft speed, not vehicle speed.  In a normal compression damping adjustable shock (like the Elka Stage 3 or 4) when the incompressible oil flows through the clicker, it can only flow at a rate dictated by the clicker position.  If the oil tries to speed up (shock moving faster= bigger bump or higher sled speed) the high-speed shim stack internally has to open at a rate selected during initial calibration.  If this stack is too soft for your new confidence level, there is nothing you can do trailside.  However, with the Elka Stage 5, you can add high speed resistance to make the shock firmer for the bigger/faster hits.  The Stage 5 basically allows you to run the low speed adjuster more open for great comfort, yet still have adjustable protection from bottoming with the high-speed clicker when the pace or size of the bumps picks up!  If you love to tinker, or have very high expectations, then the Elka Stage 5 is for you!
Elka Snowmobile shocks - Recreational Kit
Available for most sleds is Elka’s Recreational Kit.  Combining an Elka Stage 2 ski shock pair with an Elka Stage 2 Centre shock and an Elka Stage 4 Rear shock.  This is a specially priced kit to discount the purchase further when a full set of 4 shocks are purchased for a sled.  Note, not available for all Snowmobile models.  The current Viper/Sidewinder and Arctic Cat Pro Cross chassis machines use shocks (skid frame only) that are too short to contain the IFP inside the body, as such Stage 4 is the minimum.  All 4 shocks are available in the Recreation kit for $2295.  Installation is available extra at Accelerated Technologies
Elka Snowmobile shocks - Sport Kit
Available for most sleds is Elka’s Snowmobile Sport kit, which combines a pair of Elka Stage 4 ski shocks with an Elka Stage 2 centre shock and an Elka Stage 4 rear shock.  This is a specially priced kit to discount the purchase further when a full set of four shocks are purchased for your sled.  Note: not available for all Snowmobile models, as the current Viper/Sidewinder and Arctic Cat Pro Cross chassis machines use shocks (skid frame only) that are too short to contain the IFP inside the body, as such Stage 4 is the minimum.  All four shocks are available in the Recreation kit for $2832.  Installation is available extra at Accelerated Technologies.
Elka Snowmobile shocks - Pro Kit
For the rider with the highest expectations in terms of handling and performance, Elka offers their Snowmobile Pro shock kit.  This kit uses all Elka’s highest calibre Stage 5 shocks.  A special pricing discount is applied for the Pro kit purchase of all 4 shocks.  The Elka Stage 5 shocks with their adjustable threaded preload, rebound damping and high and low speed compression damping are Elka’s highest Spec shock.  Most applications start at $4130. Installation is available extra at Accelerated Technologies.
Camso Performance Tracks

Camso Performance Tracks

Long recognized as the leader in off-road traction products, Camso (formerly Camoplast) offers dozens of track options in different lengths and lug heights tailored to your riding style.

Camso Storm 150
In super high demand after its release last winter (17/18) the Camso Storm 150 is aimed at the rider that wants a superior on-trail track with enough lug height to venture off into the deep powder with great capability. (120, 129, 137, 146) , 1.5” lugs in centre, 1.25” lugs on edge.
Camso Ice Attak
Designed to deliver outstanding top speed and handling on hard packed snow. Popular with Trail Cruisers, pre-studded, (121, 136,128, 144) 1.063” Lug height.
Camso Ice Attak XT
A highly aggressive Trail track, better traction than the Ice Ripper XT, optimized rubber compound for superior traction on groomed trails.  Pre-studded, (120, 137, 121, 128, 136, 144, 129, 146) 1.25” lug height.
Camso Ice Ripper XT
The original Pre-studded Track is a proven performer.  Outstanding handling and stability. (121, 136, 120) 1.25” Lug height.
Camso Ripsaw
The Original.  Not studded.  Excellent durability and traction on groomed or hard packed snow.  One of the best trail tracks offered. (120, 121, 128, 136, 144, 151)   1.25”Lug height.
Camso Ripsaw 1.5”
Aimed at the aggressive crossover rider who prefers ON-TRAIL riding.  Rigid lugs deliver excellent durability and longevity.  Not Studded. (121, 128) 1.5” Lug height.
Camso Cobra
Designed for superior traction and control on loose and unpacked snow surfaces.  Soft, flexible lugs designed for off trail performance.(120,121, 128, 129, 136, 137, 144, 146) 1.352” Lug height.
Camso Ice Storm 150
Camso has added the safety and control of pre-studded carbide tips to the new Storm 150.  The Camso Storm 150 uses a staggered lug strategy with 1.5” lugs in the middle of the track and shorter 1.25”” lugs on the sides of the track.
Camso Hacksaw
Durability meets efficiency and speed.  Low rolling resistance promises improved fuel economy.  Hard wearing rigid lugs for long life and top speed.  Not Studded.  (121, 128, 136).  1” Lug height.
Camso Energy
Economical General replacement track.  Lightweight provides good fuel economy and low rolling resistance.  (121, 136).  1” Lug height.
Camso Cobra – 1.6”
Performance on or off trail.  Excels on the soft loose snow of ungroomed trails.  Cupped, flexible lugs for superior acceleration and braking in loose snow.  (120, 129, 137, 144, 154).  1.6” Lug height.
Camso Ice Cobra – 1.6”
Hard grip in soft snow.  All the features of the Cobra 1.6” above plus the safety of the studs installed.  Pre-studded lugs add lug rigidity for superior groomed trail performance.  (120, 121, 128, 129, 136, 137, 144, 146, 154).  1.6” Lug height.
Camso Backcountry, X
Developed on the Snowcross track, this track is a front runner for on/off trail riding.  Designed with traction and durability in mind.  Once at this lug height, off trail is the focus.  Much over 1.6” and your sliders are a long way from the hard-packed trail.  Choose track accordingly.  (BC- 121, 128, 136, 144, BCX – 120, 129, 137, 141, 153).  1.75” Lug height.
Camso Backcountry X2
Our most popular on/off trail track.  This track lets you explore deep into the back country.  Staggered pattern provides excellent soft snow traction.  (120, 129, 137).  2” Lug height.
Camso Challenger
Long-time favourite has a proven record of performance and durability.  Excellent performer in all snow conditions.  16” wide tracks, (136, 137, 146) 1.75” Lug height.
Camso Intense
Long-time favourite has a proven record of performance and durability.  Excellent performer in all snow conditions.  15” wide tracks, (121, 136) 1.75” Lug height.
Camso Crossover
Aggressive traction aimed primarily at the On Trail Rider looking to upgrade their OEM Track.  Stepped lug design for good traction in soft loose snow. (144, 151, 159)  1.5” Lug height.
Camso Freeride
Replacement track for the Yamaha Phazer’s narrow 14” width.  (121).  1.5” Lug height.
C&A Pro Skis

C&A Pro Skis

The performance leader in quality Skis, C&A Pro are available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue or white.  Coloured handles are available too, otherwise black is standard.  All skis are universal, we need to order you the mounting kit for your machine and carbides.

C&A Pro RZ
Trail Ski, 6” Wide, 44” Long 3/4” keel, 6.7 lbs. Perfect for 2011 and Older sleds.
Trail Ski, 6.25” Wide, 44” Long 3/4” keel, 6.7 lbs. Perfect for 2012 and Newer sleds.
Crossover Ski, 6.75” Wide, 45” Long, 1” keel, 7.9 lbs. Better flotation for off trail.
C&A Pro XT
Race Ski, 7.25” Wide, 45” Long, 1.5” keel, 8.3 lbs. Super Aggressive Ski for the track.
C&A Pro BX
Mountain Ski, 7.25” Wide tapered, 42” Long, 1.125” keel, 7 lbs. Wide short ski for Floatation.
Mountain Ski, 8” Wide, 45” Long, 1.0” keel, 7.7 lbs. Ultra Wide, longer ski for maximum flotation.
Quali Pieces

Quali Pieces

Jack SS1
Dripping with quality, this is our absolute favourite jack in the shop.  Quick and easy to adjust for different bumper heights, it is safe and slick.  Great for warming up your track and belt before every ride or performing routine maintenance.
Baseline Dollies
These 4-wheel dollies are the best ones yet we have found for moving sleds around our shop.  They come with a retaining strap to ensure they stay located if you encounter light obstructions.  Set of 3.
Cobra Anti-Darting device
Patented Cobra head Carbide runner for reduced drag and improved Anti Darting
Qualipieces Rollerski
Flip down wheel system, the Auto-retractable wheel system for snowmobiles.  For your garage, road crossing, gas stations etc. or any other surface where you want to protect your valuable Ski and Carbide system.  Plus, the safety and convenience of turning on pavement when you do have to be on it.
Top Gold Performance Carbide Runners
Beautiful Carbide runners on a gold coloured host bar.  Strong and tough, the host bar is square profile for improved side bite in corners and better strength for unseen contacts in the snow.
Dupont Vespel Hyfax

Dupont Vespel Hyfax

The Dupont Slides with their Vespel Inserts were engineered for snowmoibles that were notoriously hard on conventional Hyfax wear.  At 3-4 times the cost of conventional Slides, they quickly pay back your installation labour as they last 4 times longer than conventional Hyfax.  PLUS, during this extended service interval (3rd season and counting on my sled) you can enjoy less rolling resistance, better fuel economy, and higher speed, plus the reduced stress when you get caught on the shoulder of a long road or on a smooth straight railway line at 25 below when there is NO lubrication generated from the side to side motion of normal cornering.  We have current fitments for Yamaha/Arctic Cat, Polaris and SkiDoo (not all models and years, please enquire)
Hurricane Performance Central Ontario Dealer

Hurricane Performance Central Ontario Dealer

Hurricane Turbo Reflashes for Sidewinder and Thundercat
As a Hurricane Dealer, we work with our local customers to upgrade the already mighty Yamaha engined Sidewinders and Arctic Cat Thundercats.  Standard flashes are 225 hp, 240 hp and 270 hp.  Larger power is available with different fuel and muffler requirements.

Clutch Kits
On power levels over 225hp, Dalton clutch kits with different Helixs and arms with adjustable weights are required to load the engine appropriately to permit maximum acceleration and speed without over revving.

Exhaust and Performance Upgrade kits
Tons of other kits and products available for the High Power enthusiast.

HyGear Suspension

HyGear Suspension

Canadian Dealer for Hygear Suspension Products.  Fox and Custom Axis Suspension products highlight Hygear’s offerings.  They are our Go To when we need these products.

Twisted spring kits
Hygear manufacturers a dual spring system that retrofits to most Snowmobile shocks to give them a rising rate spring resistance curve.

Pro version Adjustable Crossover
When the next level of tuning is desired, the adjustable crossover allows you to exactly pick the point of suspension travel when the dual spring set switches from soft to firm.  Indispensable when flat cornering and anti-bottoming are desired.

Yamaha Singleshot Replacement Shock kits
Hygear built Fox H1 – Apex/Vector Single Shot 2.0 RA Coil over rear shock kit.

Mainway Greaseable Suspension

Mainway Greaseable Suspension Parts

These ultra high quality greaseable replacement bushing kits allow us to upgrade the high-quality SkiDoo skid frames to make them serviceable.  The current R-motion equipped sleds have only 2 grease fittings, but 16 pivot points.  Mainway supplies full kits to get grease into these otherwise dry points.  The kits include higher quality bolts that are cross drilled and include grease fittings.  Installation of the Mainway kits will not only indefinitely extend the bushing life, but also reward the rider with significantly reduced levels of friction in the suspension which will help dramatically with bump absorption and compliance.

Full SkiDoo R Motion Upgrade Kits
Complete kits for most suspension pivots on the newer Rmotion rear skid frame.
Full SkiDoo SC5 Upgrade Kits
Complete kits for most suspension pivots on the previous generation SC5 rear skid frame.
Front A-arm Upgrade Kits
Complete kits for most SkiDoo Front A arm assemblies.
Adjustable Limiter Strap

Adjustable Limiter Strap

One product we have found invaluable in tuning a snowmobile is the Trac-Link adjustable limiter strap. If we were doing a set up for pavement, we can expect a certain amount of consistency. However, we all know that trail conditions the morning after a -20 degree night versus +2 degrees later that afternoon, completely changes the response from your skis. Let's face it, changing a limiter strap hole position on the side of the trail is a pretty demanding request. The Trac-Link adjustable limiter strap from Accelerated Technologies allows you to change the adjustment on the centre fulcrum of a snowmobile in 30 to 45 seconds. It is now both easy and fun to change the load on the skis over the course of the day with a simple 1/2" (13 mm) wrench. This will allow you to fine tune the ski pressure and remove the negative effects of the centre shock to your weight and mood at that moment!


In-House Setups

NEW - In-House Setups

We are always looking for ways to improve handling and comfort of our sleds. Typical stock suspension is not set up ideally for each and every individual rider. Rider weight, luggage and passenger load, riding conditions and styles all influence how the suspension works. We have now developed 5 different snowmobile suspension tuning packages to address riders’ handling desires. They vary from the basic chassis set up using only the stock components, to a stock-shock fully resprung version using dual rate springs with beefier torsion springs and an adjustable limiter strap. All packages include chassis set up and basic suspension tuning training so you will know how to adjust your suspension to the best of its ability. These packages all utilize your stock OEM shock absorbers and are tailored especially for BRP Skidoo machines. These packages can be applied to other manufacturers’ snowmobiles as well, however some pricing may need to be modified due to different track lengths or chassis requirements. Following these package descriptions will be more options that utilize Elka shocks for an even more drastic improvement in ride comfort and handling.

Click here to check out the STV S21 E07 for full trail test


Package #1

Basic full chassis set up using only the OEM suspension components on your sled. Full final sags are done and the chassis is balanced as well. No extra springs or parts are included. This service usually averages about 1-2 hours of set up and training time. The set up is not cookie-cutter, we debrief you on your current complaints and riding style and tailor the set up especially for you and your gear/passenger! Cost = $200 for the first hour, any additional labour or time is $110/hour.

Package #2

All of package #1, plus the supply and installation of a Trac-Link adjustable limiter strap to properly adjust the front of the skid to allow for quick, easy corrections to chassis set up as trail conditions change. Cost = $400. *Any additional labour is $110/hr.

(Basic sag $200, Trac-Link limiter strap and installation $200)

Package #3 (recommended for riders that weigh > 180lbs or carry gear or passengers)

All of package #2, plus stronger torsion springs. Cost varies a bit due to the rate of springs we choose for your sled. Stronger springs allow you to accommodate for gear, fuel, or simply snow build up without needing to go to MAX on your torsion spring preload, which adversely affects ride comfort. Cost = $660-$720. *Any additional labour is $110/hr.

(Basic sag $200, Trac-Link limiter strap and installation $200, Torsion springs with installation $260-$320)

Package #4 Advanced Handling Performance for riders under 180 lbs.

All of package #3 minus the heavier torsion springs, but with the addition of dual rate springs with crossover spacers installed onto your existing stock ski and centre shocks. These spring combinations include a stronger than stock main spring and a light tender spring. The tender spring gives a softer “start” rate to the suspension travel, so small bumps are less noticeable, while the stronger main spring prevents bottoming on big bumps. As they work together, the lighter spring is absorbing most of the initial shock travel, until the shock “crosses over” to the stronger spring, where it does the work to absorb the bigger bumps, creating dramatically improved shock performance. Rarely does a performance product also offer a comfort improvement like this. This new spring package also allows us to lower the front ride height for a massive improvement in flat cornering, reduced or eliminated inside ski lift, and safety. Cost = $1200-$1275 depending on shock spring selection. *Any additional labour is $110/hr.

(Basic sag $200, Trac-Link limiter strap and installation $200, Ski shock spring package and installation $510-$560, centre spring package and installation $290-$315)

Package #5 Advanced Handling Performance for riders >180lbs or carry gear or passengers)

All of package #4, but with stronger torsion springs added on. Cost = $1460-$1595, varies according to what rate of torsion springs we choose. *Any additional labour is $110/hr.

(Basic sag $200, Trac-Link limiter strap and installation $200, Ski shock spring package and installation $510-$560, centre spring package and installation $290-$315, Torsion springs and installation $260-$320)

Performance Option Add-Ons!

Ice Scratchers: OEM BRP. As we get the nose of the sled lower to dramatically enhance handling by reducing body roll, the snow flap may be farther from the snow’s surface. The Gen 4 chassis can quickly get hot in low or hard/icy snow conditions. These ice scratchers are inexpensive and offer good insurance against over heating. Cost = $200 for scratchers and installation. Scratcher retaining system under the running boards is included.

Dupont Hyfax Sliders: You have heard about them! Dupont Vespel Hyfax have ultra tough graphite strips embedded into the sliders to extend life by over 4 times over a conventional slider. Advantages are reduced rolling resistance for higher top speed, better fuel economy due to less track friction, piece of mind on a dryer trail or roadside trails, and less slider wear compared to conventional sliders. Cost = $226/pair, plus installation. (The skid must be removed for installation. Rates vary). 

Kimpex LED Headlights: With the nose of the sled lowered and the confidence you will have in your new set up, you may outdrive your OEM headlight capability. These LED headlight bulb replacement assemblies offer a tremendous improvement in nighttime visibility. Cost = $69.99 each bulb assy, installation is extra. The hood and glovebox must be removed and reinstalled. The estimate for labour to install the headlights is $80-$100.

Mainway Greaseable Bushing Kits: A great idea if you plan on keeping your sled. Some of the new R motion Gen 4s have as little as 2 grease fittings on the whole machine! The Mainway greaseable bushing kits increase this to 13 for the skid alone, or up to 24 if the front a-arms and (X package or XRS) rack and pinion steering kits are done as well. See our website www.acceleratedtechnologies.ca for more details. Kits are sold and priced individually. Typically, to outfit the entire sled is estimated at $1000-$1100 with all kits supplied and installed (5-6 hours). For just the skid, the estimate is $700-$800 for all of the kits and installation. If you are interested, please call for a more accurate estimate.

Elka Snowmobile shock packages.

Elka shocks come in a variety of “stages”, with dual rate springs on the ski and centre shock. Snowmobiles utilizing torsion springs will not have a ‘coil over’ spring on the rear shock. Springs rates are selected according to rider weight and riding style, as well as engine weight. Accelerated Technologies checks every shock that comes in for correct spring selection and cross-over rate, ensuring the best performance according to your requests. Tuning options of the shocks change with each stage as follows;

Stage 2 = no reservoir, spring preload adjustable, rebound damping control.

Stage 3 = piggyback reservoir, spring preload adjustable, low speed compression damping.

Stage 4 = piggyback reservoir, spring preload adjustable, rebound and low speed compression damping.

Stage 5 = piggyback reservoir, spring preload adjustable, rebound, low speed compression, and high speed compression.

Shocks can be purchased individually, and selection for ski, centre and rear shocks can vary according to rider preference. There are also three shock “kits” that Elka offers that include an extra discount for our more popular combinations.

Elka shock Kits

Recreational Kit:

This kit with its damping adjustability and dual rate springs offers a huge improvement over the stock shocks, providing a great start for those looking for better comfort and handling, without the complications of more comprehensive tuning options. This kit gives us the opportunity to hit any weight or handling target with your sled. The shocks have larger rods and are fully serviceable, offering a significant improvement over the OEM shock package.

Stage 2 ski shocks (rebound only), Stage 2 centre shock (rebound only), and a Stage 4 rear shock (rebound and low speed compression). Complete Kit with all 4 shocks is $2295.00. Installation is extra.

Sport Kit:

This kit provides a significant tuning upgrade over the Recreational kit. Both ski shocks are upgraded to the compression AND rebound adjustable Stage 4s from Stage 2s which also adds the cool piggyback reservoir. This ‘rezzy’ doubles the oil in the shock, extending the service life of the oil and giving improved damping stability. The ability to separate rebound from compression (on the ski shocks) helps the sled transition from a smooth trail to a bumpy one as speeds increase. A big upgrade in flat handling with the Stage 4 ski shocks. The sport kit gives the rider the option to adjust ski and rear shock compression, and centre shock rebound, without being too complex to use. A great choice for the rider wishing to do light tuning!

Stage 4 ski shocks, Stage 2 centre shock and Stage 4 rear shock. Kit is $2832.00

Pro Kit:

These are the top shocks to achieve ultimate comfort and performance for pro riders, racers, and for those who just enjoy having the opportunity to make significant tuning changes to suit different terrain, tracks, or snow conditions. Stage 5 shocks give you the ability to have a separate setting for small and large bumps. Image having a shock set soft and compliant for the small trail chatter, but the shock steps up and resists bottoming on a huge hit you didn’t see coming! Don’t be intimidated; once we train you on these suspension settings, you’ll wonder why you never had these before, but be careful, after this you will need Stage 5s for life!

Stage 5 ski shocks, Stage 5 centre shock, Stage 5 rear shock. Kit is $4130.00

After your shock choice you can have us …

Install shocks with full chassis sag, balance and set up with training; add $400.

Supply and install stiffer BRP torsion springs; add $260-$320

Supply and install Trac-Link adjustable limiter strap; add $200

Supply and install OEM BRP ice scratchers; add $200

Supply and install Kimpex LED headlights; add $69.99 per light, plus aprox $150 installation

Supply and install Dupont Vespel sliders; add $226/pair ($234/pair for long tracks) plus labour.

Supply and install Mainway greaseable bushing kits; estimate is $700-$1300.

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