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For more than 30 years, Ohlins has been the premium Motorcycle Suspension supplier the world over.  Offering shocks, forks, fork cartridges, shock and fork springs, steering dampers and fork piston kits for a wide range of late model street bikes.

Ohlins Shocks
Ohlins offers their competition series Ohlins TTX (Twin Tube) race shocks for performance bikes, their STX 46 and STX 36 conventional ‘through piston’ shocks for sport/touring applications, 46mm Supersport shocks, fully electronic conversion packages, Ohlins STX 36 Blackline twin shocks for Harley Davidson suspensions, as well as dual sport shocks, right on down to scooter shocks.
Ohlins Shock Springs
We stock Ohlins shock springs for the Conventional 46 series shocks in all different lengths.  We keep an expansive inventory on the ‘older’ style Ohlins 1093 series of 2.25” ID springs, as well as the newer 21040 family of springs found on the Ohlins TTX shocks, which is a 2” ID spring, in various lengths and rates.  We also keep longer versions for the adventure bikes that come stock with Ohlins shocks like the Ducati Multistrada.
Ohlins Fork Cartridges
For a massive improvement in damping control we offer the Ohlins NIX30 for bikes with 41-43mm + forks and NIX22 cartridges for smaller forked street bike applications.  A large fitment guide allows us to offer these cartridges to drop into bikes with absolutely no adjustment and converts them to state of the art forks with preload, rebound, and compression damping now externally adjustable.  Ordered by application with springs custom selected for your weight height and riding style.
Ohlins Fork Springs
We stock Ohlins fork springs for your OEM forks and for all our performance fork cartridges.  OEM fork springs traditionally have a taper on one end to locate to the fork spring spacer while performance cartridges like the NIX30 and NIX22 use a ‘straight’ spring in a more standard length than the OEM offerings.  We stock hundreds of Ohlins fork springs in various rates and lengths.
Ohlins Steering Dampers
Ohlins offers Ohlins steering dampers for hundreds of street bike applications, including bikes with electronic dampers like the R1-M.
Ohlins Piston kits
Some Ohlins Piston kits are available for the older 20mm cartridges that were commonplace for decades in almost every street bike with cartridge forks.  Before the Showa BPF damping system started to propagate across the current sport bike range, most Showa and KYB Cartridge forks used a standard 20mm piston assembly with large port pistons designed for comfort over control.  Contact us for availability.


K-Tech has grown to be one of our largest suppliers for street bike fork cartridges.  Offering a full line of performance shocks and fork products, they are proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom.  We won 4 consecutive CSBK Pro Championships and many, many races with their DDS fork cartridges without one revalve.  We ran them as valved from K-Tech.  Beautiful product of the highest quality.

K-Tech Shocks
Accelerated Technologies offers K-Tech DDS Lite and DDS Pro Road shocks for sport and sport touring applications, while their Razor, Razor Lite, Razor-R and Bullit shocks cover most smaller bike and twin shock street bike applications.
K-Tech Shock Springs
For K-Tech Shocks as well as OEM street bike applications, we stock many different rates, diameters and lengths of K-Tech shock springs.
K-Tech Fork Cartridges
We have won Many Canadian Races and Championships on K-Tech fork cartridges here at Accelerated Technologies.  The K-Tech DDS (Direct Damping System) of pressurized cartridges are available for most super sport applications, while the K-Tech IDS (Independent Damping System) is our go to for most track bike and high-expectation street customers that want preload, compression and rebound damping externally adjustable in the top of the fork caps.  Finally, K-Tech has their RDS (Rod Displacement damping System) for OEM applications that have the stock compression adjuster down by the axle.  All options are of the highest quality, come sprung for your weight, bike and riding style and can be professionally installed here at Accelerated Technologies.
K-Tech Fork Springs
We stock K-Tech fork springs for your OEM forks and for all the K-Tech race cartridges.  OEM fork springs traditionally have a taper on one end to locate to the fork spring spacer while performance cartridges like the DDS, IDS and the RDS use a ‘straight’ spring in a more standard length than the OEM offerings.  We stock hundreds of K-Tech springs in various rates and lengths.
K-Tech Steering Dampers
Available in 7 lengths to suit many applications, K-Tech Steering dampers are fully serviceable, lightweight, and come with mounting kits for your bike.
K-Tech Piston Kits
Shipped complete with piston holders and new damping needles, the K-Tech SSK piston kit for the street and K-Tech SSRK piston kit for the track offer flow improved pistons to give enhanced feel and control at both elevated speed and expectations.  Offered for most bikes with 20 and 25mm cartridge forks.


We have been using Hyperpro more and more the last couple years and they have blown us away with their appearance, build quality and accurate calibrations.  This has become one of our go to shocks for Standard bikes and bikes with less common fitment lists.  If you don’t want their trademark purple spring, black is available for $15.00 more.

Hyperpro Shocks
Hyperpro offers a range of shocks called the Hyperpro 3D shock which is a clever billet piggyback shock designed to fit most performance street bike applications. For more general street applications, Hyperpro shocks are available as lower cost Hyperpro 460 Series Emulsion shocks and then a fully adjustable option with high and low speed compression, rebound, preload, and adjustable ride height (as an option on some models).
Hyperpro Steering Dampers
Available in hundreds of fitments, lengths, colours and styles, the Hyperpro steering dampers are super high quality with a nitrogen pressure charge similar to a shock absorber to best combat heat and impact shock.
Hyperpro Fork Springs
In both progressive and straight rate applications, Hyperpro fork springs are available on their own or as part of a street box kit with a shock for a more complete motorcycle upgrade.
Hyperpro Shock Springs
Again offering OEM and race springs in linear and progressive rates, Hyperpro shock springs are custom selected for your street bike, weight, height, and riding style.
Hyperpro Street Box
Inside the robust plastic shipping box you will find a Hyperpro shock absorber, a matching set of Hyperpro fork springs both custom selected for your weight and fork oil.  The improvement is staggering.  During installation, we can service your forks for you, or improve the damping, but even on it’s own, the Hyperpro street box is a wonderful upgrade for your bike.

Traxxion Dynamics

Offering products for Gold Wing Suspension right on down to most Sport bikes, Traxxion Dynamics has a range of products of excellent quality.

Traxxion AK-20 Cartridge
This drop in 20mm cartridge is a huge upgrade over stock and is available for a wide range of applications.
Traxxion Gold Wing Shocks
A definite leader in Honda Gold Wing Suspension upgrades, Traxxion Dynamics offers shocks for these premium touring bikes.


For years, Penske Street bike Shocks have offered very high quality aftermarket shocks for a number of street bike applications.  We see many brilliant features and innovations inside these US built shocks that are very high quality and we are proud to offer them at Accelerated Technologies.

Penske Shocks
Offering options for both sport bikes and cruisers, Penske Shocks offer their 8900 series piggyback and hose mounted reservoir shocks for Motorcycles. The Penske 8983 is a ‘double adjustable’ shock with compression and rebound, while the Penske 8987 is a ‘triple adjustable’ shock featuring high and low speed compression along with rebound.  For cruisers they offer their Penske 8975 ‘double adjustable’ straight body shock (no rezzy) and the cheaper Penske 8900 ‘single adjustable’ rebound only shock.  All are very high quality, rebuildable shock options.
Penske Piston Kits
Available for 20mm Showa and KYB cartridges, Penske offers another option when looking to improve the flow characteristics of an OEM Cartridge kit.


As are most products made in Germany, the Wilbers shocks are meticulously built and as we can expect, have a very strong fitment list when it comes to BMW Motorcycle Shocks.

Wilbers Shocks
Offering shocks for BMW’s ESA series of shocks, these give us yet another alternative when your expensive BMW ESA shock starts to leak and fail.  Available for other bikes too, the Wilbers gives us pre-shortened options that help us when we are lowering bikes here at Accelerated Technologies.

Race Tech

Another of our US manufactured suppliers, Race Tech have earned tremendous market share and recognition with their comprehensive and very user friendly website.  While their product range is quite large, we have selected a few of our favourites below that meet only our best expectations.

Race Tech Emulators (Gold Valves)
For riders of both vintage and lower cost motorcycles that aren’t outfitted with cartridge forks, damper rod forks are the norm.  The Race Tech gold valve emulator is a drop-in solution that sits on top of the damper rod and gives us the ability to custom ‘valve’ the fork.  Still not externally adjustable it does not have the attraction and versatility of a replacement Ohlins or K-Tech cartridge, but it allows us to set the fork up very well on the inside.  At a fraction of the cost of a replacement cartridge it is an option that will yield a good result.
Race Tech Shock Springs
Often Race Tech will have spring options that others don’t have.  As a Race Tech Dealer, Accelerated Technologies has access to their vast shock spring offering.
Race Tech Fork Springs
Often Race Tech will have spring options that others don’t have.  As a Race Tech Dealer, Accelerated Technologies has access to their vast fork Spring offering.
Race Tech Replacement Fork Tubes
When we have a fork tube that we just can’t straighten in house due to crimping or fatigue damage, Race Tech is the importer for the TNK line of fork tubes for most bikes.

Stadium Suspension

Like Elka Suspension, Stadium Suspension provides us with excellent shocks made right here in Canada.  Able to respond with our requests quickly and efficiently, we are proud to work with Stadium Suspension to exceed your expectations.

Stadium Shocks
Stadium makes us great shocks for BMW, Harley Davidson, and most Japanese bikes.  They offer their 740TR series with rebound and preload adjustability, 740HR1 with a hose mounted rezzy adding compression damping, 740PR1 with a piggy back mounted rezzy, and their 740HR2/PR2 adds high speed compression damping adjustment to the mix for the very discerning rider that loves to tinker.
Stadium Shock Springs
Offering thousands of custom and standard options, Stadium shock springs help us tune your bike to you.
Stadium Fork Springs
Offering thousands of custom and standard options, Stadium fork springs help us tune your bike to you.  Stadium is our go-to when we can’t get special springs anywhere else.

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