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Welcome to Accelerated Technologies. As Motorsports Suspension specialists we specialize in suspension of all kinds including street bikes, road racing bikes, dirt bikes, ATV's, snowmobiles, and ice racing set-ups. Located in Ontario Canada, we know how to set up bikes, sleds or ATVs for Canadian tracks or trails. If it works in Canada - it'll work anywhere! In the following pages you will find the various products and parts we offer as well as solutions for your machine and a whole lot more.... enjoy your visit!


Thanks for the great service. It was a great experience and not only is my sled performing light years ahead of when I brought it to you I have a much better understanding of how the suspension works and how to improve and adjust to changing conditions. Thanks again guys, I will definitely be back!

- Cam

All I can say is it was spectacular!!! You NAILED the set up of this gal for me..I was beyond thrilled. In only 1 ride on somewhat dicey trails, it was probably the best ride ever! The set up gave me so much more confidence at fast speeds on the trails this sled even more now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Erin

This is just a quick follow up message to advise you and your team that you did an amazing work!!! You guys are suspension wizards! The comfort setting is even more comfortable, the normal setting is calibrated just right for the city and the sport setting is just hard enough for the twisties. I will recommend your shop to all my friends. Thanks again for your outstanding work. Next bike I have, you'll be my first stop for suspension upgrade.

- JP

Greetings from the north shore of PEI! Nancy has been really happy with her suspension while riding across 17 states and 3 provinces so far! A total of 7200 km so far this season! Hasn’t bottomed out once and really comfortable! Thanks again!

 - Nancy & Claus

Don’t know how to thank you enough. My ride home after you finessed the suspension, was like riding a different bike than the one arrived on. The initial objective was to lower the bike, so I could mount up easier and be able to get off my tippy toes at a stop. Not only did you accomplish that, the overall ride is now much plusher, and I feel more connected with the beast.

All in all, I’m a very happy lad.

Thanks again.

 - Terry

I’m writing to convey my gratitude for suggesting that I consider replacing the factory installed shocks with the Elka stage 5 shocks on my 2015 MXZ XRS. As you know I delayed installing the new Elka shocks for a whole season as I did not believe the Elka shocks would make a significant difference over the factory installed KYB Pro 40 shocks. Man was I wrong. This fall I installed the Elka’s due to the frustration of not be able to adjust KYB shocks enough to allow for my riding style, constantly feeling that I was able to out ride the the suspension of this sled. Once I had the Elka shocks tuned in, that feeling of out riding the suspension disappeared and was replaced with a wow factor.

- Neal

Ran 340 km today on the new shocks. One word would be incredible! I’ve owned Fox, KYB, Zbros, and Axis shocks. These Elka shocks are by far the best and best calibrated shocks I’ve ever had period. At first I didn’t even know they were on there which is a good thing! Meaning it didn’t change the handling. Next I noticed any big hills you get a nice high wheelie off with the stock shocks you slam hard. These just soak it up so smoothly. Way less feedback through the bars too just awesome. I’d say the front now out rides the rear. Excellent purchase!

 - Jamie

Just wanted to say thank you for your help making the Indian Scout a comfy ride! The Stadium shocks are a perfect fit, the dimensions are just right with the additional travel, the 2 Stage spring is great and the calving works.

 - Joachim

Thanks guys. You are great to work with and did exactly what you promised…a rare thing these days. I am a fan and will see you at my next service, which will be soon as I intend to put lots of miles on my iron horse.

 - Tierdyn

Thank for all your help and info. With the new settings the bike was great, and I pulled off back to back wins at the CSBK invitational here at AMP. So now I may try and make it to the CTMP final for the invitational.

 - #9 Gary

After a few weeks since being in your shop setting up my 2018 Polaris Assault and having the opportunity of trying out the sled in various trail systems throughout Ontario, the sleds perform is amazing, from tight twisty trails to taking sweeping corners at well over 120kph the amount of confidence I’ve gained from knowing what the sled will do is total awesome. I have had a chance to play in 4ft plus of powder and adjusted the limiter strap ( full open) after not getting the skid travel needed which is understandable, needless to say I now carry the tools required for trail-side tweaking and things are awesome, thanks again for the knowledge and set-up.

- Harry

I wanted to send you guys an email to “THANK YOU” for the set up you completed on my 2018 Ski-Doo MXZ XRS 850!!! I went for my last ride of the season in Ville-Marie, QC and could not believe the difference in handling on the trails. It honestly doesn’t handle or feel like the same snowmobile at all! It corners, like it’s “on rails” with no effort compared to before and no more ski-tipping on the inside ski, gone! Not only is it easier and more fun to ride, it’s also 100 x’s SAFER… With the horsepower of the new generation of sleds and the speeds they can travel, all Ski-Doo G4 chassis (at least for trail riding) should be set up this way (or very similar) from the Ski-Doo factory.